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Why People Join Us

We truly believe that a great employee experience leads to a great client experience and strong organizational success.In addition to a competitive salary and challenging projects, Yes App offers a comprehensive benefits package.

Social Package


18 working days, 100% paid

Additional days-off

12 days of non-paid days


15 working days, 70% paid

Flexible working hours

Easily combine your work with personal plans

Remote work

10 days, available after 1 year of work at the company

National holidays

Additional free time on national holidays

Maternity policy

Get financial bonus to support your child-care

Learning And Development


Create your own personal development plan based on your skills and interests


100% covered in case of successful completion

Trainings And Conferences

50/50 coverage

Business Trips

Onsite visits and trips to foreign conferences

Techtalks In The Office

Regular trainings and workshops

Online Courses

Great collection of educational content

Yes App Library

More than 200 modern books for self-development


Real-Estate Agent Fee

100% covered by the company


100% covered tickets


We Take Care Of The Well-Being Of Our Employees

Providing employees with the culture that supports them mentally and physically is vital in today's fast-paced society. A person’s well-being can have impact not only on themselves, but also on people around them, affecting, therefore, the productivity of a team/organization as a whole. We create the environment that constantly promotes healthy behaviour.

Annual Health-Check

100% coverage

Healthy Mondays

Fruit & vegetables delivery

Massage In The Office

50/50 coverage

Own Football Team

Regular practice with personal coach

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Yes App is a software and web development company from London, United Kingdom that builds dedicated teams skilled in JavaScript, Node.js, Angular, React, AWS, Serverless, and Salesforce.


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  • Bob Dirigh
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  • Skype: yes.app
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